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Patient Engagement Open Day

Come meet our Team

  • Showell Park Health Centre -  8th March 9.30-11.30

  • Prestbury Medical Centre - 14th March 10-12pm

  • Keats Grove Health Centre - 19th March 2-4pm

Meet Health Professionals and get to know more about your Network team and our services

 Refreshments Provided!



Welcome to Wolverhampton North Network Website which we hope will provide patients registered with our practices useful information on the services we provide.

Primary Care Networks are groups of general practices working closely together, with other primary and Community Care staff and health and care organisations, providing integrated services to their local populations.

Click link for more information onPCNs: https://youtu.be/W19DtEsc8Ys

The aims of the Primary Care Network are to try to maintain the individual GP practices and new ways of working together of GP surgeries and community services, share workforce and be able to provide new services.

We hope to improve the quality of care to patients near to their home with involvement of different specialist roles.

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